Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another New Color of the Year for 2018

Benjamin Moore's at it again -- telling us what the trendy colors are, and how we should all be using them. Big-time.

Their choice for the Color of 2018:

Caliente, #AF 290.

(You knew that meant 'hot' or 'spicy' in Spanish, didn't you? I figured so. 'Lipstick red,' I'd call it.)

Go here for more.   Here's Architectural Digest's take on it: "stop you in your tracks." (In a good way, they're saying.) I dunno -- it seems like another Aunt Corrinn shade to me. 

If you were wondering whether we're moving away from the muted grays, mints and limes of the Fifties, past the avocado greens and harvest golds of the Sixties, and heading at lightspeed into the flashy brights of the Seventies...

Yes. Yes, we are.

Compare that with the saturated tones of last year's choice, Shadow, and you'll definitely see what I mean.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another Take On the Subject

Shades of what I was discussing yesterday...

The Brick came home early from hunting. (Yay!) He didn't bag an elk, but I'm so glad to have him back. It was too quiet around here.

When we were talking about the Weinstein Affair, he laughed and mentioned this scene from Casablanca:

He's right!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Life As Usual... Sooner or Later

More cheering reflections from the messy world of Harvey Weinstein:

    He says he's confident the Pantheon of Stars will eventually forgive him -- and he'll be back to making movies again, sooner or later.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised.

He'll disappear for a while... and the accusing crowd yelling in his direction will be very pleased with themselves. The lawsuits will begin. (Actually, they already have. No doubt there are actresses kicking themselves for not having been propositioned by him -- they're losing out on publicity and easy pickins.' )
     He'll lose face -- temporarily, at least -- and a bunch of money. But then it won't be long before he reemerges, and declares he's rehabilitated. He has seen the Error of His Ways. All's well - now back to work.

But will it really change anything? 

I was pondering this while rereading Edgar Johnson's Tragedy and Triumph, a biography of my mentor, Charles Dickens.  

      (Mr. Dickens and I are old friends. My Master's paper at the University of Michigan was on his satiric Hard Times, and every book I write has a secret reference to him in its pages. Now you know who our feisty dog Charley is named for.)

When he began his career, Dickens was one of London's many journalists. A master of shorthand, he took down speeches as they were made, then transcribed them for his newspaper, writing in a notebook perched on his knee in a fast-running, jolting carriage. He was said to be the quickest and most accurate of all the Fleet Street reporters.

No wonder he looks exhausted...

    Although Dickens had not yet published Sketches by Boz, or written Pickwick Papers, this 1834 account of a special banquet to honor Earl Grey (the lord, not the tea) is pure genius:

     'The guest of honor and the principal visitors, as usual, were late, and one gentleman, the account says, overcome by the "cold fowls, roast beef, lobster, and other tempting delicacies...appeared to think that the best thing he could possibly do, would be to eat his dinner, while there was anything to eat. He accordingly laid about him with right good-will, the example was contagious, and the clatter of knives and forks became general. Hereupon, several gentlemen, who were not hungry, cried out, 'Shame!' and looked very indignant; and several gentlemen who were hungry cried 'Shame!' too, eating, nevertheless, all the while, as fast as they possibly could.
     " In this dilemma, one of the stewards mounted a bench and feelingly represented to the delinquents the enormity of their conduct, imploring them for decency's sake, to defer the process of mastication until the arrival of Earl Grey. This address was loudly cheered, but totally unheeded; and this is, perhaps, one of the few instances on record of a dinner having been virtually concluded before it began."
                                                          -- Morning Chronicle article, 9/18/34 (Johnson, pg. 96)

It happened back then; it happens today. Give it time, and we'll return to Life As Usual.

Unless some institutions are willing to acknowledge the injustices here...and make permanent changes. 

photo from Wikipedia

Monday, October 16, 2017

Open the Door to Autumn

A nice way to decorate a door for autumn...with inexpensive merchandise. All you need are sticks, two-sided tape and a package of artificial leaves.

Thanks, Dollar Store Style via Hometalk, for this simple, brilliant look. She uses this method for an interior door, but it could work for a protected exterior door, too.

Go here for specifics and step-by-step photos.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Weinstein and Other (Alleged) Animals

    I am amazed at the trouble Harvey Weinstein finds himself in nowadays. Not only has he been fired from his company and expelled from the National Academy of Arts & Sciences -- it looks like he'll be losing his Legion of Honor medal from France. 
    All because many women (past the dozens, headed toward the hundreds) are accusing him of sexual harassment over several decades. Big-time. 
     There's little doubt in my mind that he's probably guilty of the accusations. What bothers me most, though, is how long he's gotten away with it -- and how many entertainment icons and political figures (particularly those who have benefitted from his patronage and donations over the years) are suddenly very quiet about it all.

      *Why are the accusers (with only a few exceptions) suddenly speaking up about this? Am I supposed to commend them for their 'honesty'...when they should have said something long ago? 
      *Is it because they were scared -- of what he could do to them, or their careers? Obviously. (I have spoken up about inequities several times in my own career -- and been punished for it, too.)
      *Why are some of those same women jumping all over others, on the grounds that they should have said something, instead? 
      *Why has his wife chosen now to start divorce proceedings? (She must have guessed something long before this.) Was she enjoying the money and the status enough to put up with it?

      One of the few heroes in this sordid affair is, of all people, Brad Pitt. His girlfriend at the time, Gwyneth Paltrow, claims she was propositioned by Weinstein, and told Pitt about it. In spite of his youth -- and the fact that Weinstein could have easily destroyed him in Hollywood -- Paltrow says that Pitt had a showdown with Weinstein, threatening him with a 'Missouri whuppin' if he didn't leave her alone. ['Whuppin,' Gwyneth - not 'whooping!']
     Now that's courage.

     The clock is ticking for Mr. Weinstein. Hopefully he can unload his houses (and hide the money somewhere quick) before the lawsuits begin. The party's definitely over.

A dozen freaky dog costumes. Don't get any ideas for our granddog Karma, Daughter #2 and Son #1! (From Cracked) Not to mention:

Don't let them do it, Grandma!

Six conspiracy theorists who got nowhere.  Like David Irving, Holocaust denier, who sued in court...and lost.  (From Cracked) Also:

Six iconic costumes that made their wearers' lives a living misery. Hey, at least they became famous for it, right?

New admissions from Kobe Steel. They were falsifying tests that said the steel was okay -- it wasn't. Then selling it for use in various transportation systems, including railroads. Hopefully this doesn't have real-life implications...because it probably does.

An amazing look at dealing with defeat -- and trusting God, no matter what.  (From Short Little Rebel)

A 300-year-old math puzzle -- solved.

A 1 1/2-inch crucifix may change the 'real' date Christianity made headway into the Viking world.

Pumpkin seed brittle. Oh my!  (From A Hundred Dollars A Month)

Old-time home remedies that STILL work.  (From Reader's Digest)

Seven ways to use curtain hardware at home.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Eggroll noodle bowl -- fast, easy, low-calorie. If you enjoy Oriental foods, this is for you. (From Taste of Home)

Dolls (and dollhouse rooms) that help solve crimes, thanks to a tractor heiress.

Skillet spaghetti -- one pan, less than 30 min...supper's done!  (From Living in Rural Iowa)

"Here's what I learned from working for millionaires."  (From Making Sense of Cents)

Ten historical rarities that should have produced big bucks at auctions -- but didn't.  (From Listverse)

"I regret where I bought my house."  Location, location, location.  (From Trulia)

Holding to a $40/week food budget. With ideas for a $30 budget, as well. (From Moneysaving Mom) Also:

Transfer $25 to Amazon...and get a $5 bonus. 

Lessons learned from interviewing nineteen millionaires.  (From Budgets Are Sexy)

Have a great week.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Things to Ponder (And Purr About)

Cat stuff we may not want to know the backstories for...

Our Weimaraners used to do this. All the time.

And the winner:

One of our cats, pestered too much by her sons, moved the next block over. The girlies would go by the house on their way to and from school. She would come out to greet them, then go back inside. Maybe he fed her liver and Little Friskies, instead of the generic food?

All I can say is... cat stuff happens.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Signs of Autumn

...for Colorado, that is.

*Roasting chilis. About mid-September through the first of November, the green chili people from Hatch, NM, roll into town. They set up shop in a parking lot, and their barrels start heating up. That warm, spicy smell drifts everywhere...and they even have a special: buy a bushel, get one for free.
     That odor, and a plastic bag of warm, blackened chilis, is the first sign that fall is here.

*Our first snow. Which usually comes in tandem with the first freeze. It can range from Labor Day to Halloween. One year, it was August 1st; this year, it was last week.
     The mountains start to frost up regularly. Combined with aspen golds and the white, billowing clouds (Moisture! Oh boy!), it's a lovely sight.

*The Brick leaves for hunting. This year, it's with friend Tommy -- Daughter #2 and Son #1 may stop by over the weekend.
     This is an annual tradition for us...I grew up in a hunting family. In Michigan, hunting camp went up in November, not long before Thanksgiving. The women hunted along with the men -- but knocked off early to feed the kids and get supper ready. (Why didn't I go this year? Because the Brick usually goes with his daughters -- and they enjoy spoiling him. Besides, I had to work.)

Bring a (hairy) friend home for dinner, Honey...

*The race begins -- how long can we go without turning the heat on? We went quite a while this year, thanks to the woodstove, but the snowstorm was the kicker. The thermostat's off again now, and I figure I'm winning another way -- I'm still going barefoot. No heavy socks...yet!
     It not only saves on the utility bills, but makes me feel very pioneer-y. We're not the only ones who do this, by the way.

*Pumpkin stuff is EVERYWHERE. Gag a maggot. Am I the only one in the universe who likes her coffee to taste like actual coffee?!?

*Hot soup sounds good. Beef stew, too. But the Brick's real favorite is a slice of pie. (I'll have some good apple recipes coming up shortly, as well.)

peach pie...yumm

*The mice are back -- in droves.
I keep hearing rustling sounds late at night, which the dogs are conveniently ignoring. (Maybe they're snoring too loud to hear.) We have six traps out, all baited with peanut butter. Maybe they want pumpkin, instead...

*A little bit of red. Most of our fall colors are gold. If we're lucky, some orange, too.
Our single burst of color -- a burning bush (The sumac and strawberries may turn red, may not)

*You start thinking about Halloween costumes. These autumn fairies showed up last week at one of the intersections -- don't ask me why they were dressed like that so early. 

Even the baby was coated in fall leaves

* start thinking about Christmas. Why in the world, when the Halloween decorations go down -- Christmas ones go up? Even worse, they're sometimes in tandem...ewwww.

*Ideas for Halloween are everywhere... including frugal ones. (Thanks, Frugalwoods and readers, for sharing.) Strange costumes, like these freaky dog costumes. Or carved pumpkin ideas.

Roadrunner must have carved this one

Welcome, Fall.
You are very welcome.

Another New Color of the Year for 2018

Benjamin Moore's at it again -- telling us what the trendy colors are, and how we should all be using them. Big-time. Their choice for...