Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kickin' It in Canada

Back and forth, back and forth.

Flew into Sea-Tac, then drove north to Abbotsford to our hotel. Stayed overnight, then drove back over the border to go to church in Lynden. (And see our cousin the minister at Mt. View Christian Reformed Church.) After dinner, we drove back over the border -- and promptly got stopped, no doubt for making so many trips across in just a few days.

No matter -- it's been a relaxing time. The countryside is lovely around here -- fields of corn and vineyards surrounded by a ring of mountains. Yesterday, Mt. Baker reared her snowy head; today, she snoozed under a gray blanket of cloud. The air cooled, and this area got its best rain in nearly two months.

Tomorrow we sleep in, then head to Lynnwood for the teaching gig. If you're anywhere in the area, come on over to Quilters Anonymous and say hi!

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